Moving & Storage Services

United agents offer storage solutions to meet any scale of residential and commercial need.

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Moving & Storage Services

After decades spent helping people moving, we have a clear idea of what our customers need. A lot of them need temporary storage, for a week, a few months, or even a year. And they need a place that is both safe, within their budget, and close enough to where they live so they can easily get there when required.

We have taken into account these elements and have created the perfect storage service for people moving from one house to the other. Transition periods can be stressful but we do our best to remove the burden from your shoulders.

Let us exceed your expectations and deliver the perfect storage service near you and at a price, you can afford. We pay close attention to your feedback and use it to constantly improve our storage services. Get some tips and custom advice from our crew of movers. Storage has never been so easy before!

Moving and Storage in Dallas, Texas

Storing your belongings securely is never a problem with us. We have a lot of space at your disposal and each box and container is fully secured so you don’t have to worry about your personal items being damaged or stolen. Storing your furniture at a friend’s or family member’s place is not always the ideal solution, especially if you have a lot of things and need extended storage solutions.

Temporary or permanent is ideal for those people who are trying to clear the clutter in their attic, basement, or anywhere else in the house. You may need to empty your house if you’re planning to sell it or start some home improvement projects also. Try renting some space in one of our highly-secured warehouses and appreciate the simplicity and convenience of our offer.

All our facilities are equipped with various theft protection systems on top of 24/7 surveillance. We also offer temperature-controlled storage for your sensitive items. We take of your moving and storage needs all in one go. Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term storage, United Relocation Service has your back.

Short and Long-term Storage in Commerce, Colorado

You might need some storage space for a few days or for a few months, it’s all up to you. Some situations are more complicated than others and need time to be solved. In the meanwhile, you know your belongings are safe with us and you can come anytime to get them back, once you’re ready.

There are as many different situations as there are people: you may have moved to a smaller house temporarily and don’t have enough space for all your furniture for example. Plenty of residential storage solutions are available, you just have to pick the one that resonates the more with your needs. When you move from house to house, you sometimes need added flexibility and some extra space can make a real difference.

Relocating your business or changing house can create a lot of anxiety and by giving you access to additional space, we hope to make the transition easier. We are among the few established and trusted companies in the business and we work hard every day to deliver better service and quality to all our customers. Our team is friendly, reliable and professional, and we often get referrals from our existing clients.

Storage Options in Washington DC

Pick the best option for you and your budget. Our prices won’t drain your wallet and will let you enough money to pay for all the necessary things you might need to buy when moving to a new place.

You can use our onsite storage space when you’re downsizing or starting home renovation projects. We got you covered whatever happens and whenever it happens. You will find your items exactly the way you left them and you can be sure that they won’t be damaged or rotten. We constantly monitor our premises to detect potential flooding, mold, and humidity levels and perform pest control inspections on a regular basis as well.

Storing objects made of wood or fabric is possible and our team knows how to properly handle these types of materials so you don’t have to worry about them being affected by humidity, termites, or dust mites. If you are wondering how much such quality service costs, you’re in for a good surprise. There are no hidden or last-minute fees which mean you can trust us to store your belongings at the price we agreed on in the first place.

Ask us also about our student storage solutions near you. For many students, once the summer term finishes, Contact us to learn more about storage facilities all across the country and talk to our dedicated storage experts if you need

Movers and Storage in Dallas, TX

We know how transitional living can affect your lifestyle and that’s why we have created these custom solutions for you and your family. Sometimes all it takes to make a seamless transition from one place to the other is a little more storage space. Let us be your resource provider for your next move thanks to our wide array of storage and moving solutions for students, families, retirees, young professionals and anyone else. Tell us about your budget, time constraints, and other requirements, and we will design the perfect moving and storage plan for you.

Our facilities offer the convenience and safety needed to store your belongings for any amount of time you need. Don’t be afraid to ask us how we do it and why you shouldn’t be afraid to leave your gear, furniture, items or anything else that doesn’t fit in your current home with us.

Time to take your phone and give us a call: 800-868-3660, we are waiting for your call! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to share them with us and we will do our best to answer them in a timely manner. We can’t wait to assist you!

United offers affordable Service Packages to provide you with flexible options for enhancing your moving experience.

Get a quote from one of United’s moving experts to help you budget your move. An in-home survey will help you find the moving package that meets your needs.

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